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  • One Payment for One Profit Target.
  • Profit Target Rs.1,00,000/- (One Lakh) only
  • Within 45 days
  • Unlimited PPIs until target reach
  • PPIs for NSE-Index & Stock Futures
  • 90% Accuracy
  • Low Risk - High Reward
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Important Notice

1.) Please be informed that once you buy our plan(s), it may take up to 2 working days to confirm your payment and to activate your subscription.)

2.) Once the Target of Net Profit=(Profits minus Losses if any) as specified in your plan is achieved, your subscription will be ended. (No Minimum or Maximum time frames are bound).

About the Plan(s)

Our plan “DHANI” is suitable for all those who wish to make their living or want to get rich by stock trading. Now reaping huge profits in Stock Markets is almost with no Risk.

*Profit Potential Ideas will be shared only either for NSE’s Stock Futures or Index Futures.


A “Profit Potential Idea” is a (Buy/Sell) trade signal that is generated after an extensive research, careful analysis & deep study of so many stocks by technical experts. These analytical results, if understood & deployed properly, can offer a great profit potential & guide in making the wise and informed trading decisions that result in greater profitable trades.

Firstly, Futures are a kind of Derivatives. Indices (Stock Market Sectors) & only some assorted companies are permitted by SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) to trade under Derivatives (Futures & Options) segment on the Stock Exchanges.

The sectoral Futures are called as Index Futures and a individual Company’s Futures are known as Stock Futures.

Futures are Predefined Contracts with Expiry Dates, between traders.

Traders can either Buy the Futures, hold them for a period and then Sell them, same like we do with equity shares, but before it’s Expiry Date, usually it is the last Thursday of every month in India.


if a trader believes that the prices are overvalued and he/she predicts that the current uptrend is about to reverse/correct in a few days or weeks, the trader can borrow & Sell the Futures, even if he/she does not own any, just by signing an agreement with the real owner of the Futures, agreeing to return the Futures before it’s Expiry Date irrespective of the Futures Price.

This feature of the Futures paves the way to Profits even when the prices are falling. This is how the Futures offers the opportunity to make profits in both the directions (in Raising & Falling prices).

Yes, always we are very happy to guide you. Step 1) Place your BUY/SELL as per the PPI and wait until it is successfully executed. Step 2) You must place the Square Off order and the STOPLOSS order (both) for the same symbol & same quantity, for every open position. Step 3) You must repeat the Step 2 continuously (everyday before the markets are opened) until the Target is Hit, or until the STOPLOSS is triggered or until any further notification from us ( to follow.

As we share the PPI(s) on Index/Stock FUTURES only, you need at least 20% of One Lot value plus the loss amount calculated if the Stoploss triggers, to utilize our Idea(s). (That will also be indicated in the PPI(s)).

Anyone above 18 years of age and with a active Demat/Trading account can subscribe to any of our plans and start FUTURES trading and start earning money from trading in stock markets. Our PPI(s) are ideal for Homemakers, Self-Employed, Employees, Businessmen/women & wealth creators, etc.,

Once your payment is Confirmed at our bank, your subscription will be activated and you will be able access & view your Idea Board. We post the Profit Potential Ideas on your Idea Board only as soon as we identify a reliable & High Potential with Low Risk trade opportunity in the Stock Markets (most probably in every two business days). So, you are requested to check your Idea Board more frequently.

No, you cannot Cancel, Transfer your subscription and/or get any Refund under any circumstances. Please read carefully & understand the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before you subscribe to any of our plan(s).

We will Share/Post the Profit Potential Idea(s) on your Idea Board only.

The Subscription is about your Plan’s Price & it’s validity period and the Plan describes it’s features like the number of PPIs (Profit Potential Ideas) a subscriber will get any time during his/her subscription validity period.

Yes, of course you can buy/sell any number of lots depending on your risk tolerance level (if the Stoploss triggers) & availability of the funds in your accounts and only through your’s (subscriber’s) Demat/Trading account. But, Sharing, Distributing or Revealing our PPI(s) Profit Potential Idea(s) with anyone, before their completion, is strictly prohibited and prosecutable. But, we suggest you to start with only 1 or 2 lots at the beginning.

We try our level best to Share/Post only the PPI (Profit Potential Idea) that has a minimum profit potential of INR.10000/-.

Most often we strongly suggest to place only AMO (After Market Orders). You can place the AMO Orders for FUTURES between 03:45 PM and 09:10 AM on markets business days and at anytime during holidays.

No, Not at all required. Even we strongly suggest you to not watch the flashing Red & Green ticks on the screen as they are capable enough to create emotions & stress in you. We are working hard here to create profits & wealth for you, not stress or strain. So, just place your fresh/square-off & stoploss orders and sit back and let them to happen, or until any notification from us to you to follow (whichever happens first).

Stoploss is a price point where one wants to stop his/her loss by quitting the existing losing position.

After analyzing a stock carefully, a Support or Resistance Price Point can be determined and the Stoploss orders can be placed in advance at a specific Price Point in the opposite direction of position taken to cut the losses when it becomes a losing trade.

No, we do not manage/operate anyones Demat/Trading accounts for whatsoever reason it may be.

Yes. We welcome your queries anytime round the clock. Just email your query to: [email protected] and we shall revert to you with an appropriate reply within 3 Business days.

Nothing, you will just not receive any Profit Potential Idea(s) from us on your Idea Board.

The minimum & maximum holding period of a position can be anywhere between 01 to 7 trading Days.

Please read carefully, understand and agree to the terms & conditions and privacy policy to proceed further.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Please ensure that before you make any trade decision and before you subscribe to any of our plans, you read the below mentioned terms & conditions carefully and understand each and every aspect of trading in the stock markets. If you did not understand something, please don’t trade in a hurry. Take your time to go through the plan details and FAQs. If still something is not clear to you, we welcome your queries. Please feel free to send your query.

    1. The Profit Potential Ideas shared here are purely the results of our own research & analysis and our personal opinions & views about the prevailing trading opportunities in the Indian Stock Markets. Trading or investing in the stock markets is a high risk activity. Any action you choose to take about trading in the markets shall be totally your own responsibility. The National Stock Guide ( or it’s management, analysts and authors will not bear any responsibility and will not  be liable for any direct or indirect, consequential or incidental damages or financial losses incurred due to the use of these trade ideas/information. The National Stock Guide ( will not compensate any kind of loss(es) incurred for whatsoever reason it/they may be. Traders & investors should take their own decisions about trading/investing in stock markets. After our rigorous research and technical analysis of so many companies’ charts, we come up only with a few trading ideas that are merely our personal views & opinions about the prevailing trading opportunities in the stock markets. So, before you initiate any trade transaction(s) you must understand and accept that various factors are bound to impact either way on the technical analyst’s views and/or opinions and so you must be prepared to act accordingly to manage your trade positions on your own.

    2. We, the National Stock Guide ( usually does not offer any Intraday Trading Ideas, because we consider our subscribers’ health as the utmost concern and ultimately we wish to generate profits and let them enjoy, but want to keep them out of stress and strain. So, we do not prefer to trade in a hurry. Instead we focus to drive consistent profits & most often through the very short term positional trading in INDEX/STOCK FUTURES in the stock markets in a more realistic way.

    3. All the plans sold on are NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE under any circumstances and are exclusively for the use of that particular subscriber. If sharing, distributing, revealing our Profit Potential Idea(s) before their closure is/are proved, it will lead to the seizure of your subscription account(s) without your notice/consent/approval (even if it/they still has/have the validity period) and without any REFUND for the remaining part of the subscription(s) and is also a prosecutable offence.

    4. You can purchase only our plans that are listed on the website (no customizations) and can make the payment only through the payment methods that are offered/approved on the website,

    5. After the expiry of your plan, you must  buy a new plan again manually, currently we do not offer any “Auto Renew” feature. But you don’t require to sign up again on the website (

    6. Irrespective of the date you purchase the plan(s) sold on, they are activated only on specific dates. (i.e.) 01st , 08th, 15th & 22nd of every month.

      Lets say (a) Mr. Ajay buys our plan between 01-01-2011 & 07-01-2011 (both days inclusive), his plan will be activated only on 08-01-2011, except if he buys the plan on 01-01-2011 before 8 AM, it will be activated on the same day (i.e.) 01-01-2011.

      (b) If he buys the plan between 08-01-2011 & 14-01-2011, his plan will be activated on 15-01-2011, except if he buys the plan on 08-01-2011 before 8 AM, it will be activated on the same day (i.e.) 08-01-2011.

      (c) If he buys the plan between 15-01-2011 & 21-01-2011, his plan will be activated on 22-01-2011, except if he buys the plan on 15-01-2011 before 8 AM, it will be activated on the same day (i.e.) 15-01-2011.

      (d) If he buys the plan between 22-01-2011 & 31-01-2011, his plan will be activated on 01-02-2011, except if he buys the plan on 22-01-2011 before 8 AM, it will be activated on the same day (i.e.) 22-01-2011.

    7. We technically analyze the stocks and we share/post the PPI(s) (Profit Potential Ideas) only with the Active Subscribers on their respective Idea Boards on any time during their subscription validity (subject to the identification of the trade opportunity (PPI))We strongly recommend that you enable/accept/allow our PUSH Notifications on your Computer/Mobile web browsers to get timely updates about our PPI(s) (Profit Potential Ideas) promptly. We may also notify you via email/SMS when we share/post the new PPI(s) and even when we release important updates regarding the existing PPI(s) to suggest early exit or to extend the holding period of the position(s). But at the same time, as for so many reasons like wrong/invalid email adderss(es)/contact number(s) or fatal errors or server & network issues, etc., we the National Stock Guide ( do not give any assurance of delivery of our email(s)/messages/notifications to your given email address(es) and/or contact number(s).
      So, we request you to compulsorily check your Idea Board frequently, at least twice in a day (8:30 AM and 8:30 PM), so that you have enough time to place your order(s) even before the markets pre-open at 9:00 AM (AMO-Orders). In case if you failed to check your Idea Board and any how missed the trade opportunity, the National Stock Guide ( does neither bear any responsibility & compensate any loss, nor offer any other PPI(s) for FREE OF COST. We recommend to you to place AMO-Orders (After Market Orders), both while entering/exiting a position & not to stare at the market ticks, because the ticks are capable of creating emotions in you.

    8. Once again we remind to every subscriber that he/she must check his/her Idea Board at least twice in a day (8:30 AM & 8:30 PM), so that you have enough time to place your order(s) even before the markets pre-open at 9:00 AM (AMO-Orders).

    9. We, the National Stock Guide ( may share/post up to three PPI(s) Profit Potential Idea(s) simultaneously on your Idea Board. Or one after another or after the completion of the previous idea.

    10. You are required to maintain adequate funds/limits in your respective demat/trading/savings bank account(s) to utilize our PPIs (Profit Potential Ideas) and to initiate the transaction(s) in the stock markets. Without adequate funds/limits in your demat/trading account(s), you cannot make use of our PPIs and the stock prices can change very rapidly. For this instance, the National Stock Guide ( does neither bear any responsibility nor offer any other PPIs for FREE OF COST.

    11. We shall use your contact information like Full Name, Postal Address, Email Address(es) & Phone/Mobile Number(s) to contact you or to deliver the transactional/informational/promotional/marketing content to you from time to time and also share that information with our affiliate website(s) or organisation(s) for promoting and marketing their product(s) & service(s). We shall use your partial or complete contact information to send product(s)/service(s) updates/versions from time to time.

    12. All the necessary measures have been taken to ensure that the Customers Privacy & Personal Information are better protected. But at the same time for whatsoever reason it may be, we declare that the National Stock Guide ( or any of its owners, business partners, management team, employees, workers and staff of any rank cannot be held responsible directly or indirectly for any kind of unexpected event that might result in data loss/pulling by System Failures / Server Errors / Cyber Crime Activities. Any issues regarding must be dealt only within the KURNOOL City of Andhra Pradesh state’s jurisdiction.

    13. Misbehaving and/or objectionable communication with National Stock Guide’s ( team via phone/email/Messaging or any other medium for whatsoever reason it may be is strictly prohibited and is prosecuted to the maximum extent.

    14. We shall change/update/amend the terms & conditions and privacy policy from time to time with or without prior notice to you. So, we request to you to read carefully and understand our terms & conditions and privacy policy each time you use our website(s) and product(s)/service(s).

    15. Up on violation of any or all of the terms & conditions and/or privacy policy, we the National Stock Guide ( reserves all the rights to eliminate your subscription plan(s) without your notice/consent/approval, (even if it/they still has/have the validity period).

    16. Any other disputes not covered here can be addressed to National Stock Guide ( by sending an email to: [email protected] and we shall revert to you with appropriate resolution within 3 business days.

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